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PDF table to Excel in seconds

Just take a screenshot of the table

A video demonstrating how to convert PDF tables to Excel in seconds.

How it works

Step 1
1. Sign up and then download Table2XL from the Windows Store.
Step 2
2. Hit Ctrl+PrintScreen and snip the PDF table
Step 3
3. Paste into Excel!

Demo video


Sign up and get 10 snips for free!
Each snip counts as one credit.


Finance 1
Finance 2
Bank Statement 1
Bank Statement 2


It depends on the size of the table but the average time is around 5-15 seconds.

Yes, you can try the demo if you want to test.


Make sure the text is not too small in the screenshot that you're capturing. If you can't read the text of the table comfortably, then it's probably too small.

Any kind of table that appears on your screen! This could be a PDF, scanned PDF, image or webpage.

Yes, you get 10 credits for free and they expire after 5 days.

Each snip counts as 1 credit.

You can either upgrade your Subscription or top-up your credits. Top-up is available only if you have an active subscription.

Please contact us at

Please contact us at

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